Casifor Dog Nail Grinder

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Meg Sogge approved, Quiet rofessional Pet Nail Grinder for all sized dogs

  • LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR 20H WORKING TIME: The cordless dog grinder has been upgraded to supprt 20h working time. The box includes a USB wire that you can conveniently connect to laptop, AC adapter, or power bank to charge.
  • SPEED REGULATION: Different from the two-speed, the trimmer is designed with stepless speed regulation. You can adjust the most suitable speed of grinding nail according to the hardness of the nail. More speed choices make you can safely and efficiently trim the dog and small animal's nails.
  • POWERFUL AND QUIET: Exclusively using high-quality motor, the torque is controlled to 40 dB while boosting the torque. Skitish and elder dogs will not be disturbed by the noise, the large breed nail care is no longer strenuous.
  • SIZE PORTS FITS ALL KINDS OF PETS: Equipped with three ports, the trimmer is widely applied to small, medium, large dogss with different size nails.You can choose an appropriate port and speed depending on your pet's size and nail hardness for nails grinding.