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HomeoPet Leaks No More

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HomeoPet Leaks No More helps is designed to temporarily relieve urinary incontinence in senior dogs and post-spaying female dogs.  Drawing on hundreds of years of natural medicine therapy, the all-natural formula uses only the purest, chemical-free homeopathic ingredients that cause zero known side effects. Easily administer by mouth or food or water.


  • Dose medicine directly into mouth, in water or at meal/snack time
  • Administer one dose 3 times per day, as needed
  • In acute cases, one dose every 15 minutes up to 4 doses may be given
  • When improvement is seen decrease frequency of dosing to twice daily then once daily. If symptoms reapear repeat original dose. Discontinue use when symptoms subside

Ingredients: Plantago Gels. Semp. Canth. Caust/ Alumina 6c30C in 20 USP alc. In purified water