Pet Scooter by Walkin' Pets
Pet Scooter by Walkin' Pets
Pet Scooter by Walkin' Pets

Pet Scooter by Walkin' Pets

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The Walkin’ Scooter for pets is designed to keep your pooch comfortable and always on the go! The Walkin’ Scooter allows pets to be able to move freely around the house while easily maneuvering around indoor obstacles.(Patent Pending)

  • Allows rear paralyzed pets to quietly zip and scoot around the house.
  • Walkin’ Scooter base is padded with close cell memory foam for comfort and durability.
  • Walkin’ Scooter Bag features chest and neck panels lined with soft, comfy fleece
  • Walkin’ Scooter Bag features breathable mesh panel for ventilation.
  • If incontinent can be worn with a diaper.
  • Perfect for indoor use.
  • Glides across hardwood floors, tile, linoleum & Berber carpeting
  • Easy to maneuver: Roller ball casters allow for easy movement in any direction!

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