The Bood & Snood For Girls

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Stay fashionable and warm with the Bood & The Snood for the ultimate in cuteness and warmth!  The epitome of versatility, they can be worn together or separately.

The Bood is a pullover coat for your little dog's body that can be worn alone or buttoned to The Snood, a hood/scarf for their head and neck.

The Bood has an opening for your harness loop to pop through. Our girl version offers full belly coverage for maximum comfort that will keep your dog cozy and happy! Create a unique wardrobe for your little dog with mix and match colors.

  • Available in 5 sizes - from 4 to 22 pounds
  • 5 colors
  • Machine wash - line dry
  • Designed in NYC - Made in America!

Otto's Notes:  This truly is a quality product that is worthy of any pooch or human.  The neck and leg openings are large enough that you don't have to strain stiff muscles to get in and out of the sweater.  The sweater is cut perfectly to meet the needs of any female dog.  Covers the belly to keep all parts warm and stylish.