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Journey from Loss to Love, Part 3: We Think We're Ready

Mar 17, 2020

All of the holidays have come and gone, and we were mostly through January when we both looked ready to start talking to rescues about getting a new dog.  

Having Otto made us fall in love with the boston terrier.  The personality and sass that comes with a boston sticks out more than any other dog breed we had come in contact with.  We knew our next dog would be a boston.  We often felt Otto needed a sibling but he didn't always get along with other dogs.  I was convinced that we should adopt a bonded pair to keep each other company. The benefit of a bonded pair is that the dogs that previously lived together and were surrendered together; a rare find. The next discussion in the house was how old is "too old"?  Well, I own a web site dedicated to old dogs so age wasn't much of an issue to me.  My boyfriend didn't want to go through heartache so quickly if we adopted a dog that was a super-senior (over 10 years old).  I understand his point of view but hate the thought of a dog sitting in a shelter due to age discrimination.  We eventually agreed upon an age band we are both comfortable with.

I originally reached out to a rescue in California where Otto had been rescued from as a younger dog.  We weren't in their adoption radius so we were referred to a few rescues on the east coast. 

I went onto the site for North East Boston Terrier Rescue and filled out the application which was pretty detailed.  I knew once the rescue spoke with our vets there would not be any concerns about placing a dog with us.  I honestly am not sure if they spoke with our other personal references or not.  I waited as patiently as possible to receive the first email in the process and to set up our interview and home visit.  The volunteers from NEBTR couldn't have been more pleasant to work with during the process.  

We passed all of the requirements and now we just wait for there to be a match.  We check the rescue's site regularly hoping to see a pair that will fit with our family.  Hopefully a pair of pups will come our way that will love us so we can spoil them back.  For now, I live vicariously through all of the dog on Instagram and Facebook.

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