• The Costs of Neglecting your Dog’s Health

    In the short time of being a pawrent, I have learned first hand there is a huge cost associated with neglecting your dog's health.  Otto was very m...
  • Financial Support for Veterinary Bills

    So much has changed in our lives the past few years.  Due to inflation and other economic stresses, you may be making tough decisions on where you need to spend your money.  

    More and more in my social media pet parent groups I am seeing people say they cannot afford a vet bill they have been presented and they are looking to the group for advice and guidance.  It became apparent to me that not many people are aware of the resources that are available to help care for their dog.  The good news is that with a little help from Google, you can find a list of great organizations out there to help you and your dog in your time of need.  These resources are outside the traditional payment plans through your vet or through a credit card. 

    There are organizations out there to help you pay your vet bills when you can't afford it.  I have put together a list of resources that can help pay vet bills when you can't do it all on your own.

  • I made my dog fat

    I love Bandit so much I made him chunky and not on purpose. When we adopted Bandit he was 31.5 pounds. At his last visit to his allergist, he weighed in at 35 pounds. I thought he had gained a bit but not that much. I was reminded by my vet what is considered a healthy diet even for a healthy dog. I wanted to share these guidelines so you can match it up what you are doing. 
  • Product Review: Happy Hoodie

    This is my first product review so please bear with me.  I was introduced to the Happy Hoodie when I interviewed Meghan Sogge.  Meghan uses the Happy Hoodie on her senior clients during grooming.  Not only did I immediately add the product to the store, I ordered one for myself, Smokey and Bandit.
  • Hiking with a Senior Dog: Extra Precautions To Take

    I am happy to announce we have a guest blogger, Dr. Monica Tarantino.  Dr. Tarantino is a veterinarian and devout advocate for senior dog health an...
  • Senior Dog Grooming Tips

    I had the pleasure to speak with Meghan Sogge of Senior Paws Grooming in Rhode Island.  She shared with us previously what to look for in a groomer...
  • What to look for in a Senior Dog Groomer

    Choosing a groomer for a senior dog involves a few extra questions than choosing a dog groomer for a puppy or adult.  We asked Meghan Sogge of Senior Paws Grooming what to look for when choosing a groomer for a senior dog.  You'll come out with some great tips; I promise.
  • Dealing with Vestibular Disease

    Vestibular Disease, or Old Dog Syndrome, is a sudden, non-progressive disturbance of balance in a dog.  Vestibular disease is in its simplest form is vertigo created by an imbalance in the inner ear.  The good thing is it isn’t deadly and for the most part isn’t permanent. 
  • Pet Disaster Preparedness

    As we are going through a global pandemic, I thought I would take a moment and write about planning for your dog’s future.  It is important to have...
  • Pupdate on the Brady Bunch

    Over a month ago I wrote about the Brady Bunch which is a group of 9 dogs rescued by Boston Terrier Rescue of FL from a backyard breeder situation.  I spoke with a representative just the other day and asked how they are doing. 
  • The Brady Bunch

    We have been working with North East Boston Terrier Rescue up to this point and have been monitoring adoption pages and haven't seen our next set o...
  • Journey from Loss to Love, Part 3: We Think We're Ready

    All of the holidays have come and gone, and we were mostly through January when we both looked ready to start talking to rescues about getting a ne...