Pupdate on the Brady Bunch
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Pupdate on the Brady Bunch

Apr 21, 2020

Over a month ago I wrote about the Brady Bunch which is a group of 9 dogs rescued by Boston Terrier Rescue of FL from a backyard breeder situation.  I spoke with a representative just the other day and asked how they are doing.  They are settling in with their foster parents and learning to become their best versions of themselves.  Some of them are recuperating from surgery and others are just healing their wounds from poor treatment.  Trixie Brady unfortunately lost an eye due to a bad eye injury but otherwise she is a trooper.  I also received good news that Penelope Brady is expecting!  I am not sure if this is her first litter, but it will be her last.  It is super cute that there is a Puppy Pool fundraiser which I contributed my $5. 

With all this news, what does this mean for my adoption process.  It is a solid, I am not entirely sure.  The original representative stated I was approved because of being previously approved by another rescue but was also told the adoption team would contact me.  To date, I haven’t heard from them so there is a lot of uncertainty if any of the Brady bunch will make it to my home.  I am at a disadvantage for adoption because I am not part of their local adoption territory.  I have been declined several times already by rescues just because I am not local.  Bonded pairs especially bonded Boston Terriers are rare nationally let alone local to me, so I tend to plea my case to the rescues with not much luck.

Hopefully after social distancing and stay at home orders are done, I will be able to drive south to bring home two of the Brady Bunch to spoil and love for the rest of their lives.    

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