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The Brady Bunch

Mar 19, 2020

We have been working with North East Boston Terrier Rescue up to this point and have been monitoring adoption pages and haven't seen our next set of babies.  Until now....  On March 6th I saw a post in a Facebook group about 9 boston terriers being rescued from a backyard breeder.  I immediately showed the pictures to my boyfriend and he gave me the go ahead to reach out to the poster.  Luckily she was affiliated with the rescue and we communicated back and forth about what we were looking for and what information she could share about the dogs.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida has been wonderful about accepting us as adopters based upon our approval from North East Boston Terrier Rescue.  We are trying to not get too attached as we are behind a waiting list of adopters but are excited at the prospect of getting 2 of these dogs.  

They are younger than I expected to originally adopt and since they came from a breeder, they are 2-4 year old puppies because they do not know what it is like to live in a house and to go outside to potty.  This will be new territory for me that I never thought I would experience being a lover of older dogs.  These babies are deserving of love and have lived a horrible life compared to some of the older dogs who were loved but unfortunately lost their parents to death.  

It is unfathomable how a person could treat these babies so poorly.  They were all covered in fleas and have multiple injuries from infighting over food and mistreatment.  The rescue has been paying for surgery after surgery to get them ready for their forever homes.  I have such admiration for everything the volunteers are doing for these pups.  I want to jump in and help but I am hundreds of miles away. 

For now I sit and wait and wonder who will be lucky enough to get one of the Brady Bunch

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P Poppie
Mar 19, 2020

good luck and God Bless