Enhanced Pet Bowl and Stand Bundle

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Enhanced Pet Products™ brings you our feature product and the very best in a pet bowl design. The Enhanced Pet Bowl in stainless steel is made oversized with a ridge in the back end of the bowl, now allowing your pet easier access to its meal.


  • Oversized feeding area gives your dog lots of room to eat and saves you time cleaning
  • The unique ridge in the bowl helps your dog separate food and slow down when eating
  • Made with premium stainless steel so you don't have to worry about rust, bacteria, or accidentally breaking it
  • Rubber ring on the bottom stops the bowl from moving around
  • Dishwasher safe making cleaning super fast
  • Great for all breeds of dogs and cats


  • Small - Intended for cats and dogs between 5 - 20lbs, capable of holding less than 1 cup of kibble. (Cats, Shih Tzus, and similar breeds) (stand is 4" high)
  • Medium - Intended for dogs between 20 - 55lbs, capable of holding 1 - 2.5 cups of kibble. (French Bulldogs and similar breeds) (stand is 5" high)
  • Large - Intended for dogs between 55 - 100lbs, capable of holding 3 - 5 cups of kibble. (English Bulldogs and similar breeds) (stand is 7" high)