FitPAWS® Ramp

FitPAWS® Ramp

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The FitPAWS® Dog Balance Ramp will create an incline where you need it.

    • Beginner Balance Training
    • General Fitness
    • Rehabilitation
    • Use with other FitPAWS® products “ramp up”


Shown with 2 Ramps and K9Fitbone

The micro-movements created in the body from the act of balancing will strengthen the core and limbs.

FitPAWS® Balance Ramp:
 *approx. size 14” (35cm)
• Textured Surface- Ribbed/Bumps Top – Bottom is flat
• Use Separately or Combine other Products
 Inflation Pump with Cone attachment SOLD SEPARATELY


Pairs great with a TRAX Donut or K9FITbone.


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