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Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller, Pathfinder Red
Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller, Pathfinder Red
Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller, Pathfinder Red

Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller, Pathfinder Red

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Take your pet anywhere with you in the Gen7Pets® G7 Jogger Pet Stroller. Great for an active family that's always on the go, the G7 Jogger Pet Stroller holds up to 75 pounds making this perfect for your large dog or a couple small dogs. Our mesh Smart-Canopy allows pet parents to enclose their pet in the interior pet compartment or roll the Smart-Canopy up under the hood to expose your pets and give them more room. For added safety, the interior pet compartment features two adjustable safety tethers that can be attached to any collar or harness to keep your pet in the stroller during use. Whether you're running on a smooth sidewalk or walking on a rocky trail, the G7 Jogger provides a smooth ride for your pet with shock absorbers and Smart-Wheels that are designed to never run flat. The front convertible wheel allows you to make sharp turns or navigate easily through large crowds, while the rear wheel break system allows you to lock the stroller in place if you need to stop and rest.

Designed with convenience in mind, the G7 Jogger includes an accessory tray with two cup holders and a storage compartment for keys or cell phones. The Smart-Basket allows you to store jackets, bags, pet toys, etc. out of sight. Our unique Smart-Reach handle provides a greater amount of kick space behind the stroller so that you can jog or walk at any pace without having to worry about kicking the stroller. Our Smart-Fold design allows you to fold the stroller flat for storage with the push of a button. Easy to assemble, no tools required, the G7 Jogger Pet Stroller includes all of our Smart-Features® to make outings with your pet convenient and enjoyable.

PRODUCT NOTE: Interior Pet Compartment Dimensions: 26" Long X 14" Wide X 22" High
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