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Hurtta Ranger Vest (Bug Blocker)
Hurtta Ranger Vest (Bug Blocker)

Hurtta Ranger Vest (Bug Blocker)

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The Ranger Vest is a light, high-visibility vest for outdoor activities. The plentiful reflective prints and 3M reflective piping ensure great visibility at night.  The vest is made of an elastic and breathable knitted fabric with a weatherproof Houndtex layer. The vest is lined with a soft, mesh like fabric. The material is durable and the back of the vest has zip fastening with a locking mechanism on the slider that prevents the zipper from opening when the dog moves. The neckline can be adjusted easily with hook and loop bands, and the waistline can be tightened with a rubber cord for a snug fit. Because of the hook and loop neck adjustments the vest is designed to break away if the vest catches onto something outdoors as to not injure your dog. The snug fit makes the vest ergonomic and safe.

The modern camouflage-print Ranger vest has a bug-repellent Clariant treatment, which efficiently protects against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. The fabric is dermatologically tested and certified to contain no harmful substances. The material is machine washable according to instructions. The finish retains its properties for up to 100 washes. Sanitized finishing contains Permethrin and is used in fatigues, hiking and hunting equipment, and in tents and sleeping bags.

NOT SUITABLE FOR CATS. Permethrin is poisonous to cats.

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