Loop Handles for the Help'Em Up Harness
Loop Handles for the Help'Em Up Harness

Loop Handles for the Help'Em Up Harness

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The Help ‘Em Up Walking Loop Handles act like a sling and can be clipped onto the harness in a variety of ways for walking support and where your dog needs it most. (sold in a pair)

Choose your size based on the size of the harness. The walking loop handles are custom to attach to the new D-ring connectors on the harness. They are soft, flexible and easily adjustable to help you add some extra support or leverage when lifting or walking the dog with the harness on. They act like a sling and can be positioned in a variety of ways – vertically from front to back supporting the whole body, or horizontally from side-to-side supporting the front shoulders or rear hips. They are easy and simple to use.


1. Adjustable straps & fasteners for a customized fit
2. Clips to all D&O rings for multiple variations
3. Can virtually turn a harness into a sling
4. Short lengths for larger dogs and longer for smaller dogs
5. Front to back, side to side or cross body
6. Also can be used one handle at a time
7. Neoprene padded handles, soft & flexible
8. Metal fasteners for easy non-breakable performance
9. Straps are made of double walled nylon
10. Place to support more of the shoulders, hips or both
11. Short lengths provide more control while walking



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