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Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar
Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar
Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar
Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar
Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar

Max & Molly Neoprene Smart ID Collar

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The Ultimate Collar for Safety, Comfort, and Style.

Have you ever lost your pet…even for just 5 minutes? We believe that every collar should have an ID tag with all the info needed to reunite you and your bestie. That’s why we created our exclusive Lost Pet Protection Program.

Every Max & Molly Collar comes with a Smart ID Tag. Create a custom profile with contact information and any other relevant details about your pup... If lost, the finder simply scans the QR code on your dog’s Smart ID tag and instantly has access in order to help reunite you with your pet.

Raising the bar for your pet’s safety even more… Safety Ring – Much like a traditional D-ring, its function is to attach to leashes and other accessories. However, its shape and placement have been specially designed to catch on the buckle to prevent your pet from slipping out or escaping when you’re taking off/on your dog’s collar.

Let’s Talk About Comfort. Crafted with a thick and plush layer of neoprene inside a durable band of polyester and nylon. Neoprene is an extremely tough and versatile material that is super soft to the touch – making these collars an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin. The many wonders of neoprene help to make these padded collars, ultra-strong, lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and more!

Precision Printed. Vibrant, and distinctive designs to showcase your dog’s unique personality, precision printed for great detail.

Full List of Benefits:

- Smart ID Tag
- Safety Ring*
- Power Buckle (Designed to hold 5x dog's weight)
- Padded Neoprene Layering
- Lightweight
- Anti-chafing
- Hypoallergenic
- Weatherproof
- Quick-drying
- Odor proof
- Fade Resistant
- Machine Washable

*Safety Ring not available with XS collars or cat collars (XS and cat collars are nylon webbing)

XS - Width 3/8" | Length 8.7-13.8"
S - Width 5/8" | Length 11-17.7"
M - Width 7/8" | Length 13.4-21.7"
L - Width: 1" | Length: 15.4-24.4"

Leashes - Length 4'


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